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Quality is the most important aspect of UNIJOY’s business principles,We always put great emphasis on our products'development and management system.The entire process is managed continually by our team of quality control experts,each stage including materials purchasing,production,packing and delivery is run under the strict specifications.

* Production Capacity:
Bathing suits factory
* Advanced Machines:
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* Quality Control Management System

1.The incoming fabric inspected by cloth inspection machine and double check the fabric color with approval fabric swatch.
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2.Do internal washing test to check color fastness.

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If customers have special requirement,it will be sent to Lab to do test,such as SGS,ITS,BV etc.
3.Accessories will be checked the content, quality and quantity when coming warehouse.

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4.For the swimsuit with print or embroidery,IQC will check one by one firstly,sort out the bad quality before sewing.
5.Each production line with 2 IQC to check quality everyday.
6.When finish production PQC( Production Quality control)will check every swimsuit one by one,and sort unqualified products.

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7.Every swimsuit inspected by needle detector.

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8.Pulling machine
When this is small part in the swimsuit,such as flower,bow etc.inspect one by one by pulling machine,to avoid it was pulled by Child and has chocking hazard.

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9.After packing,QC people will do final inspection according to the International standard AQL2.5,to be sure all of the goods under good condition and packing are correct.

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As a result of these efforts,the swimwear products from UNIJOY are of very high quality and meet the most stringent standards.
Insisting on the service theory of "quick,strict and accurate",we respond to the demand quickly and deliver goods promptly to achieve customers' satisfaction.We will constantly focus on the development of technologies to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

If you have any request about swimwear products,please contact us at any time.

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